Tribute to Adrian Down

By RedLine Solutions’ President, Todd Baggett

On January 18th, 2023 RedLine Solutions Director of Product Development and Marketing, Adrian Down passed away in his home with his wife Charlene by his side.

Prior to joining RedLine Solutions, Adrian was President of VIP Color, one of the first color label printers in the market. RedLine Solutions was a reseller for VIP Color, which is how I first met Adrian.

While working at VIP, Adrian studied nights and weekends to earn an MBA in Marketing. When Adrian left VIP, he started a Marketing Consulting practice and had approached me about becoming a client. Having worked with Adrian, I had a deep respect for Adrian’s abilities and strong work ethic. I offered Adrian a Director of Marketing position and he joined RedLine Solutions as our Director of Marketing in July of 2015. Adrian started RedLine Solutions Social Marketing, and drove the development of videos, datasheet, tradeshows, and educational webinars and speaking events.

In 2018 Adrian took on the role of Director of Product Development, where he worked with clients to identify areas for product improvements and needs for new features. He translated those needs into technical specifications and led RedLine’s development team to build, test, release and deploy those systems.

RedLine had begun developing our cloud-based inventory and traceability product but had not yet come up with the name. One morning as Adrian and I were driving to Salinas for a customer meeting, we were brainstorming on what to call this new product. Both were suggesting names, when I came up with MyProduce. Adrian’s eyes lit up and proclaimed, “That’s it!”. We continue to use the MyProduce product family name today.

Adrian led the MyProduce development and marketing efforts until June of 2021, when he was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer, forcing him to take a leave of absence.  With the support of his wife Charlene, daughter Annabel, and numerous family members and friends, Adrian battled for his life. After surgery and multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, Adrian had improved to the point in early 2022 he was able to travel by himself to visit his ailing father and spend time with family and friends in England. That spring he and Char joined the RedLine Solutions team at the company’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner. He, Char and Annabel also traveled to be with family at a nieces wedding in Hilton Head South Carolina.

The Glioblastoma returned by Fall causing partial paralysis and making verbal communications difficult. Adrian was put on home hospice in November of 2022. During his final months Adrian had family members and friends from all over visiting him. I spent time with Adrian on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Eve 2022 Adrian and I went on a virtual tour of Peru.

Everyone who knew Adrian saw his spark for life. He was a brilliant man, who truly cared for his family, friends, and colleagues. His quick wit, kindness and dry sense of humor endeared him to all. We miss him dearly.

Adrian was a good husband and father. Annabel was Adrian’s pride and joy. Adrian’s wife Char has set up a Section 529 for Annabel’s College Education. RedLine Solutions has made a $25,000 donation to Annabel’s 529 plan in memory and honor of Adrian.

The link to Annabel’s Scholarshare 529 Plan is below if you would like to make a donation go to , upon entering the website, type in code U5T-X8J to enter the donation page for Annabel.