Track and Locate Your Inventory and Assets Wirelessly.

Zebra RFID from RedLine Solutions can help you track and locate items wirelessly and remotely, without barcode scans.

Don’t Just Identify Your Inventory. Locate It with RFID.

RFID takes your inventory, asset and work-in-process tracking to a new level, allowing you to instantly know the identity, status, and location of virtually anything in your supply chain.

What You Can Do with RIFD

  • Track and locate thousands of items with minimal labor
  • Instantly know the last-known location of any item
  • Locate items wirelessly with sensor instead of barcode scans
  • Track items remotely without scanning barcodes
  • Enable real-time traceability and inventory management


RFID uses wirelessly technology, much like Wi-Fi, to tag and track your inventory and assets. Each tag contains a unique ID chip and two microtransmitters to communicate each tag’s identity and location.

Getting label from printer

Print and encode an RFID tag using an RFID printer

Attaching label

Place the tag on an item, container, or pallet you need to track

Scanning a stack of boxes

Read the tag wirelessly and remotely using a handheld or fixed RFID readers

RFID logo overlay

Get instant updates of tag identities and locations via RFID software

Man working on laptop

Automatically share RFID data and status updates with your business systems

Why Leading Companies Are Using Zebra RFID

Forward-thinking brands and companies are adopting Zebra RFID in big numbers, and here’s why:

  • RFID helps automate inventory tracking at a time when labor is scarce and expensive
  • RFID readers can read entire pallets or identify inventory locations wirelessly and remotely
  • RFID allows cycle counts to be conducted in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks
  • RFID location tracking allows companies to create end-to-end supply chain visibility and traceability
  • Fixed RFID readers can automatically track items as they move through facilities and processes
  • RFID is a great way to track high-value assets, tools, and equipment to avoid expensive losses
  • RFID systems have become much more affordable, and tags can cost as little as 10 to 15 cents each

Industry Applications

Ag Icon
Produce & Agriculture

Bulk tracking of bulk bins, totes, pallets, and cases to improve visibility, accuracy, efficiency, and waste reduction.

Retail icon

Automated inventory and supply chain tracking to help ensure product availability and minimize out-of-stocks.

Warehousing icon

Real-time tracking of materials and inventory, from receiving and put-away to picking, packing, staging, and shipping.

Food service icon
Food Service

Automated tracking of inbound products, ingredients and supplies at quick service and other restaurants.

Manufacturing icon

Traceability, work-in-process tracking, quality assurance, exception alerts, and dwell-time tracking.

How is RFID used in High Tech/Medical Device Manufacturing?

How does RedLine Solutions RFID experience in Manufacturing help our customers?

RFID Assessments, Site Surveys and Deployments

Our RFID experts at RedLine Solutions offer free RFID assessments and starter kits plus on-site surveys and complete deployment services to help you explore RFID, determine if it’s right for your business, and quickly get an RFID solution up and running.

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Learn How RFID Can Help You Build a More Efficient and Accurate Supply Chain.

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