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We Help Wineries Select, Evaluate, Source and Implement Barcoding Systems for Data Collection and Reporting.

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Barcoding is becoming essential for success to Wine Producers and Distributors in Three Key Areas

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Vineyard Management

Vineyard Management

From Nursery to Vineyard Management barcodes are being used to identify, track, and manage your product. We have helped Grapevine Nurseries leverage rugged Zebra Android mobile devices and printers to label and track the vines from the time they are being propagated, into storage and through transportation. Vineyard Applications allow you to capture and record phenology and block information throughout the season. This provides the data needed for vintage forecasting, harvest estimates, harvest forecasting and Lot Traceability at Harvest.

Barrel Location and Testing

Our customers use barcoding to track and manage their barrel inventory and locations through all phases of its lifecycle. Rugged mobile devices are also used to scan barcode labels to identify which barrel the samples, cultures, and intermediates collected come from and report specific datapoints like acidity and sugar content to their LMS or other systems used by the winemaker.

Barrel testing

Warehouse and Distribution Centers

Barcoding is used by our customers to improve their receiving, putaway, picking, quality assurance and to make sure they are shipping the right product to their Big Box and other retailers using Zebra rugged mobile computers and scanners. One of our Direct to Consumer (DTC) Distribution Customers immediately realized a 25% efficiency gain using Zebra wrist-mounted mobile computers and back of the hand bluetooth scanners in their picking operations.

How Wineries Are Using Barcoding
How Redline’s Wine Experience Helps Our Customers

What Our Clients Say…

We tested multiple Zebra demo units provided by Redline before selecting the best devices based on worker preferences. We found our younger workers preferred the rugged all touch screen devices while more senior workers preferred hybrid versions with physical keypads and touch screens.

Project Manager at a boutique winery in the Napa Valley appellation

Redline has been a great partner because they understand what we do and how we do it. The depth of their technical expertise of their support sets them apart.”

Manger at Group of Family Wineries producing over a million cases per year

Redline Solutions recommendation for hands free devices enabled their order fulfillment picking line to realize a 30% increase in productivity and accuracy. Our order pickers compete for the most daily picks.

Warehouse Manager of a top tier wine distributor

We always turn to Redline Solutions for their expertise in rugged mobile devices and printers, a key requirement for the winemaking environment of our customers.” A major California based wine production software partner.

A major California based wine production software partner.
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