Ivanti Wavelink

RedLine Solutions is an Ivanti Supply Chain Platinum Partner, offering a variety of mobility solutions to increase your supply chain’s productivity and raise your bottom line.

Winner of the Ivanti Innovation Award 2020

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Watch our Mobilizing Web Based Business Applications webinar with the Ivanti Wavelink team.

Ivanti Speakeasy

With Ivanti® Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, companies around the globe are realizing the benefits of full-featured voice enablement that can be deployed in just a few weeks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional voice applications. Best of all, you can get started using your systems and mobility solutions already in place, or add voice as you refresh your mobile devices—including those running the Android operating system.

Ivanti Velocity

Securely deploy Android in retail and supply chain operations, and break free from keyboard-based mobile devices.

Your enterprise systems never had a better mobile interface. Perfect for a new generation of touchscreen devices. With Velocity, powered by Wavelink, not only can telnet screens get an Android touchscreen experience, but your web apps can, too! 

Why Choose Velocity Web vs. Chrome?

Ivanti VelocityChrome
Consistent web experience on all devices & variety of screen sizes
Screen rendering- CSS/JavaScript inserts so older applications will render properly (i.e. SAP Modernization)
Easy to add to existing mobile software
Customized script – autologin, parse screens, automate keypress
Customized device scanner support
No changes to your host application
Custom keyboard & Function keys support
More control over application updates vs. Google decides to update the application as they see fit
Speakeasy Enterprise Voice Ready vs. Google Consumer Voice
Dedicated enterprise support (24/7)

Ivanti Avalanche

Increase your network’s efficiency with Avalanche Mobility Center (MC). Avalanche MC provides comprehensive management of each element within a wireless system, provisioning and maintaining all major brands of handheld mobile computers, wireless infrastructure devices and peripheral items such as printers and bar code scanners.

Ivanti Avalanche Resources