Android™ Zero-Touch Enrollment

RedLine Solutions Now Supports Android Zero-Touch Enrollment

Devices purchased through RedLine Solutions can take advantage of Google’s fast, simple, and secure deployment method.

Over the last five years we have built a world-class team to enable our ISV partners and customers to benefit from mobile migration to the Android operating system. Let our experienced team refresh your Windows Mobile Device Applications or develop new Android Mobile Applications!

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RedLine Solutions are a certified device reseller partner of Android zero-touch enrollment.

This seamless and secure deployment method enables companies to pre-configure settings, management, and applications for their teams so devices are up and running right out of the box.

Devices purchased from our catalogue can be added to an organization’s zero-touch enrollment account, making them ready for configuration for their enterprise deployment. Employees can just follow a few simple prompts and start using their device.

By adopting zero-touch enrollment, RedLine Solutions are supporting a superior end-user experience for organizations, as this automated deployment method reduces the dependency on IT support and simplifies the delivery and activation process.

By supporting zero-touch enrollment, RedLine Solutions can help organizations realize several benefits:

  • Quickly deploy a fleet of Android devices at scale with enforced management and security.
  • Create device configurations in the cloud and have them automatically pushed to devices during setup.
  • Directly assign devices to your organization for management.