Expandable Software, Inc develops, markets and supports an integrated manufacturing system built on solid business logic and industry-standard technology.

The Expandable ERP System

Expandable ERP supplies a complete business foundation for growing manufacturers. The system helps establish auditable, regulatory-compliant business processes so companies are prepared to expand business operations all the way to the billion-dollar mark and beyond.

The Expandable ERP system unifies a company around a single database where all transactions are recorded using sound business rules and logic. The entire company can work as one in real time to produce high quality products on time at expected margins.  

To assure customer success, Expandable employs the direct support model where all implementations are performed entirely by direct employees of Expandable Software, Inc. The direct model produces successful implementations performed by knowledgeable people who have experience helping growing companies establish the integrated business processes necessary for long-term success. 

Target Markets

Expandable ERP is a great fit for manufacturers that build to a Bill of Materials and need to manage lots of parts, subassemblies and complex routings:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • High-tech electronics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Contract manufacturers
  • OEM “Virtual” manufacturers
  • Make-to-stock, discrete manufacturers